A Place Farther than The Universe

Since we’re all shut-ins now, I’m going to start posting video that I’ve enjoyed* in case you are looking for something better than reruns of shows that are out-of-production because of COVID.

A Place Farther Than The Universe” is about four high school girls who, improbably, all have different reasons for wanting to travel to Antarctica. And, in a glare of media attention, they somehow manage to pull it off.

Here’s a better review than I could write (starting about 30 seconds in)

Here’s about five minutes of scenes from the series (a few spoilers!) showcasing drama and visual style.

And here’s the whole first episode on YouTube. To find the rest of them, you’ll have to go to CrunchyRoll, the streaming service that co-produced the series.

  • Highly recommend this review Sora yori mo Tooi Basho; a review by planetJane
  • *When I say “things I’ve enjoyed” keep in mind that I am a sentimental old fool. I don’t like violent or sadistic content. I love musical and visually beautiful work with emotional substance. I have a very high tolerance for absurdity or even silliness. Charming stories about kids growing up, Disney movies, science, history, magical ponies reprising Star Trek, and other geeky content is likely to be featured. People with taste similar to mine may find it useful.
  • If that isn’t your shot glass of tequila, please go on your own timeline and post stuff YOU like! Because somebody with taste similar to yours may also be looking and you can help them out.

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