Tailgating Mustang Guy

In some states he could also carry a gun

You get a sketch instead of a photograph, because I was driving the truck, but this was pretty funny or maybe sad.

I cruise through the intersection of Ft. Jesse and Towanda on the yellow, and the guy in the Mustang who who’s been tailgating me slips through on the red.

Well it seems he took it kinda personally.

He roared around us in a no-passing zone, shouting something as he passed. Then he held the single finger aloft for a good 250 yards in case I didn’t get the message.

Of course then he’s tailgating the next car.

Up comes another red light. He slows down a half-block from the intersection, almost stopped, waiting. We come to a stop behind him. The light goes yellow, and he roars through the intersection so I catch the red. He speeds off to tailgate the next car, middle finger, again, held aloft.

Diane and I are laughing like crazy. She suggests I turn right on the red.

Hope you got where you’re going safely, tailgating Mustang guy…