“Blue Period” anime review

Surprised by art

“Blue Period” is a series about a young student named Yatora Yaguchi, who is surprised to learn he loves to paint. He must grow artistically and personally if he hopes to get into the only art school he can possibly afford.

The series models something I wish were the reality everywhere; Yatora’s friends and family are supportive and help him every way they can. He also has excellent teachers who encourage him and help him come to realizations he needs.

The animation is OK but I very much liked the writing and sound track. And the story is not only about Yatora. He adds to his circle of friends (as one would) and in a couple episodes must act to save one of their lives after their family kicks them out on the street. The scene where Ryuji Ayukawa’s father assaults her after throwing out all her art supplies is particularly heartbreaking.

His other friends all figure into the story as well, including one who looks like a mob enforcer but wants to become a pastry chef.

I especially enjoyed it because I am in a time of learning to draw. I mean, not the technical drawings I’ve always been able to do but portrait and action. So I paid very close attention.

With so many characters, and Yatora’s admission into TUA as a painting student, the series is full of potential for more seasons. But it appears as if only one will be made. I’d be really happy if Netflix proves otherwise.

Blue Period: The biggest insult to an artist – an artist’s review. (The series is not the insult, he loved the series. But watch his 8- minute review before you tell another artist they are “talented”)