When I’d start to shiver

It’s true that operating rooms are uncomfortably cold – for the patient more than the anesthesiologist. One time I requested a cap like the surgeon was wearing – a bald head is not much insulation. They snapped it down covering my eyes and I had to say; “Not like that.” I was awake for the whole operation – high as a kite but as usual fascinated by the technology, and I remember everything. That tells me they were using Fentanyl, not Propofol. (Well, that and the fact that I remember the anesthesiologist narrating that that’s what they were using, and I read the report afterward)

The one panic attack I’ve ever had was on an operating table. This one was going for full anesthesia, and I felt I couldn’t breathe when they put the mask on me. Since then I ask for something in advance to relieve pre-operative stress. (The More You Know…)

In my operations, they’d cover me with heated blankets, which were much needed because under drug influence and laying still I was freezing my ass off. I’ve never experienced the Baer Hugger device but it sounds nice. Hope I never have a chance to find out.