I started blogging to improve my writing skills, and discovered I simply enjoyed it so that is why I do it now. I am a computer support specialist at a great Mid Western university, married with three adult children. After a (brief) term as a Christian minister, I have had a series of technical service jobs including photography, darkroom printing, advertising layout, production xerography, camera repair, and computer repair. I have a bachelor’s degree from a good liberal-arts college in Tennessee and my home is cluttered with a tangle of books and periodicals.  My creative passions include photography and muscle-powered transportation.  I have a particular fascination with organizational failure in all its forms.

Politically, I was once conservative. But when conservatives went babbling-crazy I became a liberal. In today’s environment I want to know what conservatives are conserving.

I no longer believe in the supernatural, including assorted spirits, gods, demons, afterlife, or miracles – but I once did so I can be sympathetic to those who do. On the other hand sympathy does not extend to the beliefs themselves, which deserve exposure to the not-always-polite light of evidence and reason.

If you want to contact me my email address is george dot wiman at gmail dot com.

My professional blog at Illinois State University is here: https://about.illinoisstate.edu/gawiman/