Hidden Figures

We saw Hidden Figures today. It is based on true events, and on a biography of a real person. It isn’t that you could get in a time machine and eavesdrop¬†on the same words being spoken in some historical NASA hallway. This movie rings¬†true with historical reality and emotional veracity. It glows with the courage and energy of real people of color who stood up, and who would Not. Stand. Down.

The space race was not just a matter of national prestige. The Russians were lobbing warhead-sized payloads over our heads. We needed to get in that game, and not yesterday. It is a good platform to consider the cost of prejudice, and the price we pay as a society for cutting a narrow slice of humanity (white males) for authority and innovation, and excluding the rest. The movie makes that cost and that price crystal-clear as well.

Just go see it.