The Wedding of the Century

Reprint from 13 September 2009

We just got back from the wedding of our son Lucas and his lovely bride Emily Coogan.  For the occasion, the happy couple actually rented an old mansion on the shore of Lake Michigan and it was awesome.  Her family has rented the place before.

Will have pictures and more description of this unusual wedding later.  In the meantime, of the many things about the event that tickled my fancy, I was interested that the original owner of the mansion had made his fortune in buggy whips and ladies corsets.

I know what you’re thinking; that’s really kinky.  Well maybe, but this was back when buggy whips were a real going concern, and so were corset stays.  Meaning: he was a trader in baleen.  An awesome mansion and several miles of shoreline were the rewards of killing whales.

Wonder if, 100 years from now, oil-wealth mansions will be rented out for weddings, and people will find it interesting that the original owners had made their fortunes by drilling out carbon and burning it.

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