Deplorable. Deplorables.

Trump, mocking a disabled person

The definition of ‘deplorable‘ is somewhat circular; that which is causes or is a subject of grief or regret. Lamentable. When I call an act deplorable, usually I mean the showing of contempt for a marginalized or vulnerable person. In other words, bullying behavior.

From where I stand, bullying is the behavioral core of conservatism. It is the refusal to imagine oneself in the shoes of another. It is the use and objectification of the other.

Doubt me? Here’s an example: what is a “libtard”? Well it’s a pejorative term for a liberal, of course, but the contempt is contained in the reference to a mentally retarded person. By using that term, the speaker is mocking the mentally retarded as a way of insulting liberals.

Don’t imagine this contempt is lost on the retarded or their caregivers. And conservatives just won’t be arsed to show even a little respect for a disabled person.

“Not all conservatives,” you say? Well fine, but look who they they just elected president. Presumably an exemplar of their values.

I’ll have more to say later. A lot more.

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