Spreading hate at the checkout lane This should be removed

Supermarket tabloid spreads hate against Muslims
Tabloid asserts there are MUSLIM SPIES in Obama’s CIA (Click to embiggen)

This piece of hate-mongering trash is in every grocery store in America this week. I wonder if your friendly neighborhood grocery store would carry a KKK publication? What standards do big grocery chains set for publications in their checkout lanes? Would they draw a line? Is a corporate contract more important than a country and its values? Is the manager allowed to see this and say; “No, we’re not going to display that”? Why not?

Think about this magazine a little bit. This is the kind of propaganda that gets people assaulted, gets houses of worship burned down, that causes shameful discrimination. Islam is a religion, not a country. Like every other religion it has some good and bad people. Is your Muslim neighbor whom you have known for years a “spy”? How about your Muslim customers? How about the Muslim doctor at the clinic? Do they have some “Islam Central” that they report back to?

And what about that “list of traitors”? Are they traitors because they are Muslim? I certainly hope Muslims (and other minorities) are represented in the CIA. And in the Department of Justice, the FBI, and your local police department. Because those institutions can’t do their jobs right if they are just white CIS males guessing about “others. And because life for minorities is dangerous enough. Let us build our institutions on our values, not on our fears.

Please Kroger, Schnucks Walmart, Meijer, and other stores, PULL THIS MAGAZINE OFF YOUR SHELVES TODAY. This is wrong. Make The Enquirer pay a cost – zero sales – for spreading fear and hate.

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