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Doc Rat wrong advice
Doc Rat giving Quarrydog advice he really, really comes to regret. Click the pic to begin reading online. It’s a big story, running from 09 May to 09 December of 2014.

Picture an Australian doctor, who is also a cartoonist. His anthropomorphic comic is published often in Aussie medical journals, and also online as Doc Rat.

Most of the time it’s medical humor or awful, awful puns (this guy must be a riot at parties). But beginning in 2014 he undertook an epic series that delved deeply into cultural ethics, as one of his characters was obliged on pain of familial disgrace, to take part in a killing ritual he wanted no part of. The resulting conflict challenged the society of Doc Rat’s world, resurfacing in the comic at unexpected times. It’s great stuff.

Also in Doc Rat’s world is a full development of something our own culture has only barely grasped; the weight of an apology. This is another theme that resurfaces throughout the series.

Even though he’s busy with a medical practice, the author publishes very often so I make a point of keeping caught up. His blog is worth reading too. So far I’ve found an amazing review of Watership Down, and unexpected insights on Zootopia.

If there’s a Zootopia II, Doc Rat should be one of the characters.

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  • Even more honorable mention: I found Endtown through Doc Rat.


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