It took forever to walk that road, icy feet torn and bruised in the dark
Dismantling fear with little hope of comfort or safety
Scraping at prejudice etched into my child brain and always felt to be the pattern of truth
And now, you want me to retrace those bloody steps for your benefit?
To go back on every discovery, to visit again the humiliation of finding out I was wrong?
To share with you this treasure, the spoils of battle against my worst self
So you can mock me? So you can throw talking points at me?
I finally won some understanding of human value
I can finally see humanity and beauty where before I could not
At last I am beginning to understand that the history I learned has been sanitized
You are not interested, not really
You are not seeking
You could say; “Please recommend a book that helped you understand”
You could ask me to suggest a movie title, or an experience, but all you want is an argument
Well, no.
My friends are not up for discussion. That issue is closed now.
I am not going back just to carry you kicking and screaming
And I have much farther to go to as it is.
Go on your own damn journey.


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Older technology guy with photography and history background