Rivian electric trucks

The “skateboard” that underlies Rivian electric utility vehicles. And soon, Ford and Amazon. And who knows what else?

Normal, IL had an auto plant that closed, and I was kinda hoping that Tesla would show an interest in it. But wait… this is better!* Rivian trucks is gearing up to make heavy-duty vehicles. So far they have a truck and an SUV.

Imagine you have a delivery business, or a plumbing company or construction company or any other small fleet. You don’t need extreme range but you sure would like to have clean vehicles that don’t require a lot of maintenance. Electric vehicles fit that bill perfectly. No oil changes, air filters, spark plugs…

Ford motor company, and Amazon, have both invested heavily in Rivian for this reason and others. Both companies will be using the skateboard in their vehicles.

I’m really happy to see this company in Normal. Internal combustion is a dead technology; mature, but with no future. We just can’t keep burning carbon to make energy. That puts Rivian in a growth position, and Normal with it.

Their website portrays ‘adventure vehicles’ but let’s face it, fleet trucks are a great market.


  • (Partly, one assumes, because of my strong dislike of Elon Musk but I digress)
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  • I tried to get a picture of the pickup truck, but the crowd pressed in too closely.
  • Rivian also has facilities in Plymouth, MI, San Jose and Irvine CA, and the UK.

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