Bit of glue stuck to thumb with fragment of nitrile glove

Some things really stick with you

(Polyurethane glue, for instance)

I set about making some box beams today, which involved gluing some wood panels. But it’s cold in the garage and regular wood glue just doesn’t work below about 55 f. So I used Gorilla Glue, which works down to about 40 f.

I don’t bother with gloves when I use regular wood glue, because it washes off with soap and water. But for Gorilla Glue, I always use gloves because it’s waterproof and… very difficult to remove.

For instance, if there were a tear in the glove, and some glue got in. So that a bit of the glove was securely attached to your thumb

I’ve tried peeling it off, but the sensation of removing skin dissuaded me. Any solvent that will dissolve polyurethane glue, you really don’t want on your skin either. (By comparison Super Glue is easier to remove because it softens in acetone)

Well I reckon it’ll come off in 12 hours or so, or maybe 24, as skin cells do slough off. Even if polyurethane glue does not.

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