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Owl House is a story of Luz Noceda, an imaginative girl transported from Earth to a realm where magic rules. But unlike most Isekai stories, she is thrilled to find herself in the new world. Her only problem is that her mother thinks she is at summer camp, and sooner or later, she will have to go home.

Well… not her only problem. The magic realm is full of unknown dangers, most of all the emperor, whose fascist regime has turned its eye on Luz’ host and mentor, Eda, a rebel witch who practices wild magic. This is one reason Luz is happy to be there; Eda herself is thrust into a surrogate parental role and discovers to her surprise that she really shines at it.

This series is a hell of a lot of fun; the writing is sharp and witty, the animation is at “Disney showing off” level, and the voice acting is first-rate. (I mean, Wendy Malik as the rebel witch Eda…) But wait there’s more: so many likable or fun-but-villainous characters the story possibilities are endless.

Luz makes many friends, including Amity, a young witch who first presents as a bully, but becomes an ally and friend. In a departure from Disney “never gay” policy, Luz seems to be bi, but is oblivious to Amity’s gay attraction to her. Hilarity ensues.

So the series is almost tailored to piss off the religious right in every country where they market content; witchcraft, disobeying parents, anti-capitalism, and gay characters. This is a bit of a financial gamble for Disney; top-level animation is very expensive, and entire countries can simply decide to censor either an episode or just forbid a show from ever being shown.

I subscribe to the email feed of the American Family Association and they really hate the show. In fact their email was how I found out about it. Thanks, AFA!

The first season is complete, and ends on a cliffhanger reminiscent of The Empire Strikes Back. Production of the second season was delayed by COVID. I hope Disney doesn’t chicken out…

  • Owl House can be viewed on Disney Channel, YouTube, or Amazon Prime.
  • UPDATE: Nov 2021 It appears that Disney has, indeed, chickened out. Despite a devoted fan base, it is canceling Owl House after a shortened third season. (Hey Disney, you ever stop to consider how much of your fan base is LGBTQ+?)
    • Cartoon Network chickened out in the same fashion, canceling Steven Universe a whole season short when Ruby and Sapphire got gay-married.
  • Much has been made of the non- gender conforming relationships on the show, but there’s also The Owl House and the Importance of Neurodivergent Characters

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