Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Diane and I just watched the first episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” – a heartfelt comedy/drama about an autistic child who grows up to be an attorney.

The lead actress, Park Eun-Bin, who portrays the autistic attorney, has a degree in psychology, and a large fan base for her work in this series and other film.

In the episode she is given her first case, by a supervisor who assumes she will fail, in which case he would have permission to fire her. During the assault trial, the victim dies, changing the charge to murder.

Anyway it was funny and sweet and we will definitely be watching more.

UPDATE: We just finished watching episode 3, and it was heartbreaking. The show is funny, yes, but… so relatable and right. Acting, story, and directing all compelling. I forgot to breathe in some parts, including the scene where her father tells her what it is like to live with an autistic person

UPDATE 2: We are nearing the end of the season, and while the show has kept its charm and humor, it has also gotten more dramatic. She has actual enemies… and doesn’t quite know it yet.

  • I listened to some clips in English dub, and as usual it was enough to send me back to the superb actors in Korean. Learn to read subtitles, people.
  • The show has won awards in 7 countries. Season 2 is in production

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