The Bird Is (apparently not) The Word

I’ve been on Twitter pretty much since the beginning, and it’s been mostly great. My bird profile says;

Been exploring technology one way or another since the Johnson administration. Mostly I follow scientists, artists, urban planners, designers. He/him

The greatest thing about Twitter has been that this was all in one place. But now the platform is… well let’s just say running a fever after ingesting a toxic load, and staying there feels kinda pointless.

Mastodon seems like the obvious choice, but it is NOT all in one place. I fumbled around looking for the right instance until I settled on, which is a general-purpose instance with what appear to be good policies. The link is at left in my social media list.

Most of the people I followed on Twitter are migrating to Mastodon. Now I just have to find them and follow their new TL. This is not simplified by the fact that Mister FreezePeach decided to remove any links to other social media sites.

If you are on any Mastodon instance, or have landed anywhere after leaving Twitter, stop by my new digs and say hello!

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