Review: The Fire of Love

Diane and I watched this multi- award winning documentary love story about volcanologists Katya and Maurice Krafft.

The documentary is crafted from their archives of films and photos, their notes, interviews with their friends.

What an amazing couple. A life in passion, in love, in science. They met on a blind date, and were never apart after that.

It ends as one might expect, for a pair inescapably in love with each other and with the most intensely dangerous thing on Earth. You know the sadness is coming as you see their life together, and watch their heartbreak over the thousands of deaths in Nevado Del Ruiz, Columbia. But it changed them, drove them; informed their filmmaking.

After many films about the science, they created a film about the danger; “Understanding Volcanic Hazards and Reducing Volcanic Risks.” They wanted to save lives.

The film lived after them, and tens of thousands of people owe their lives to that work…

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