Sherbet or morphine? Wait I’m thinking

A reprint from 18 May 2009

Kind of foggy, will keep this short. It’s been almost eight days since I tipped that “Hmm, this isn’t indigestion’ threshhold.  The surgeon will not commit to a timetable for return to solid food, let alone getting out of the hospital or returning to work.  She must feel like Barack Obama; the patient keeps asking; “Are we there yet?

My friends from work have been wonderful in coming to visit me, and I am very grateful to the Mennonite church of Normal for their continued help and support for Diane and I.  It’s not flashy but it’s real that they care and are helping.  I will write more about this in a future post.

Yesterday i was finally allowed to have clear liquids and now “full liquid diet”.  The nurse just brought me a small cup of orange sherbet which is heaven.   Om nom nom nom…

When I forget to push the button on the morphine pump it takes about three hours to be reminded forcefully that I need to have one.  Since doses are in ten-minute intervals, it takes forty minutes to get comfortable again. Stability seems to be about three doses an hour.

Sweet merciful FSM this “sherbet” stuff is fantastic…

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