Home again, but no jiggity-jig for now

A reprint from 20 May 2009

Got out of hospital yesterday.  I’m moving pretty slowly, having been told that I recovered quickly there. 

When to rejoin my life already-in-progress is another matter.  I can’t go back to work yet for (at least) three reasons.  Pick one:

  1. My brain is not fully online.  I’m just regaining the ability to track the passage of time (never my strong suit), let alone job type skills like, you know, concentration.
  2. Pain management is, shall we say, still an issue.
  3. I can’t zip up my pants.

Lucas is staying to help around the house, having just completed his Masters’ at UofI (!).  He cooked a delicious, light, gourmet welcome-back meal perfectly suited to my condition.  Chris spent many hours with me in hospital, keeping my confused mind from wandering off into some drug-induced dark corner in that recovery room.

Many of my friends from work and from the Mennonite Church of Normal came to visit, which lifted my morale enormously.  As did your many comments and well-wishes.  I’m afraid it’s a bit foggy so I will go back and re-read them… I seem to recall something about farts?  What was that all about?

Now I’m just trying to get back.

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