Trump is the delivery system; Pence is the payload

Trump pointing proudly to Pence
Photo credit: Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law

Way back in October, GOP pastors prayed and advocated that Trump would be elected… and then die.

Why? Because they want Pence. He’s their guy. Even they are not stupid enough to think that Trump is a Christian. I’ve been paying attention to Trump for thirty years, and his record is one of pure opportunism. The Pussy-Grabber In Chief has whatever religious convictions he can ride into power.

But Pence? He’s the real deal. He actually believes in the twisted, Ayn Rand funhouse mirror version of Christianity, with full-bore misogyny and an apocalyptic garnish. He and millions of other Christians – a minority subset probably – are expecting the Second Coming. And they believe it’s their duty to bring it about.

But Trump doesn’t have to die. Sooner or later he will do something so stupid that he will be impeached, and GOP support in his defense may be, shall we say, “tuned” to appear wholehearted without any actual structural integrity. They want their gay-hating apocalypse-backing gray-haired guy in the big chair.

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