Native Americans in cinema

This is making the rounds and it’s worthy.

I grew up watching cowboys shoot “indians”, mostly white actors in redface behaving like grunting half-humans except for indian women who were all generously-built white women in redface.

There was one other exception for the noble philosopher who shed a tear when people threw litter out of their cars.

That was television and movies; school was no better. The heroic accounts of ‘settlers conquering a savage land’ and the lack of explanation why indians would have had any problem with General Custer left a mark on my developing brain.It’s all racist crap.

Stereotypes hurt real people. Too bad that the real stories are discomfiting but we should tell them anyway.Sacheen Littlefeather gave a short, brave, respectful speech. For her trouble she was booed and someone had to keep John Wayne from physically assaulting her.

UPDATE: Hollywood finally apologized, 49 years later. Read the whole story in SlashFilm: “Why the academy owed Sacheen Littlefeather a long overdue apology”

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