The Purple 4 mattress

I’ve been losing too much sleep due to chronic pain, which is bad for a whole bunch of reasons, so I went in search of a new mattress that could accommodate.

Initially we got a Purple, base model, and while it was an improvement it still wasn’t doing the job. Denver Mattress had a 30-day exchange deal. So I went back and got the top-of-the-line Purple 4; “floating in space on illegal space drugs” model.

We have had the Purple 4 for two days now, and I think I’ve gotten at least an extra hour of sleep each night because of it. And that’s while fussing around and getting used to it still.

Even though it is a “soft” mattress, it is somehow also supportive. This is due to its weird alien technology – a sample of which is shown above.

(The Purple material sample comes with the mattress, so I ginned up a little bedframe for it in TinkerCAD and printed it on a 3D printer)

This is a thick mattress, so I’m going to have to find or make a slimmer foundation so Diane doesn’t need a step stool to get into bed. And there are several kinds of sheets available. We got the Spandex/nylon/bamboo which fits the mattress like a superhero suit, which is to say no wrinkles. But it looks like we will end up with the Spandex/other-fabric-to-be-named sheets later, which should also have no wrinkles.

The mattress came rolled up in a tube, which is weird.

Now to find the ideal pillow to go with it. Sleep ain’t cheap.

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