‘Mitchells vs The Machines’ review

This movie has a bit of irony in its origin; a Sony Animation comedy about a weird family that saves the world from a technology company gone awry.

We expected it to be silly and dumb – and it was… but it also kinda wasn’t. It was also fun and zany and enjoyable and a terrific mashup. And you could really root for the dysfunctional family – and the creative people who clearly got to run with making the movie. It is stuffed with pop-culture and Internet references, including ‘I Robot’ and ‘2001, A Space Odyssey.’ I was also reminded of the technology company in ‘Don’t Look Up’.

‘Mitchells’ has a serious undertone: – how terribly hard parents are trying to do right by their kids, and the equally terrible emotional cost of knowing that you have failed. Relatable if you have children, and especially grown children.

Contrast the movie to “Wreck-It Ralph 2” – in which the pop culture and Internet references are a little more abstracted, which should be more understandable for a longer time. But this movie is doing well, and it deserves to.


(Did I see any parallels to the overweight handyman dad in the yellow coat? Why no, of course not why do you ask)

Cellspex, a reviewer I like, LOVED the film and I’ll leave her to explain why

I’ll leave you with this thought:

Despondent woman wondering; "Who would have thought a tech company wouldn't have our best interests at heart?
“Who would have thought a tech company wouldn’t have our best interests at heart?”

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