Bee Housing Story

Earlier I posted an article about how bumblebees – important pollinators and adorkable fuzzy-buzzers – are in population decline. Right now I’m out doing some yard work and decided it was time to hang the bee house I got last fall. It has been sitting on the patio workbench all winter.

A couple weeks ago I put up the screw to hang it on, adjusted it just right, so hanging would be quick and easy. I wanted to redirect them from the porch rafters, which meant waiting for a 70-degree day so they’d be out collecting pollen, before covering their old holes. Then they’d get home and the winter home is covered, but a nice new bee house in its place. A cunning plan!

Picked up the bee house, and a young bee flew out of it. He’s wandering around, confused, and I’m like; “Oh, shit, sorry – hang on a moment I’m just gonna hang this up here…”

I hung the bee house and look over at the bench and there’s a half dozen bees wandering around scratching their heads and “WTF just happened here?!” and “I dunno! It’s just GONE!”

So I put the bee house back on the bench and they crawled back inside all happy. I’ll try hanging it again tonight so they’ll wake up and maybe find their way back. But if necessary I’ll leave it on the bench all summer.

I also made another bee house out of a piece of scrap lumber and hung it on an adjacent rafter. After all, my yard is a bee favorite on account of all the biodiversity and flowers and stuff.


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