Our cities are hostile to the people living there (but they don’t have to be)

How the author of the video got interested in urban planning:

“Europeans assume Americans drive everywhere because they’re fat and lazy, but it’s not; it’s because these trips simply can’t be done any other way.”

“One of the things that really upset me, is that the desolate, asphalt-covered cities I had visited in the US and Canada weren’t always this way. I was told that these cities were like this because they were ‘designed for the car.’ But that’s not true: they weren’t designed for the car, they were bulldozed for the car.”

“This is a picture of Houston in the 1970’s. No, it wasn’t bombed; they did this to themselves.”


  • No, I didn’t create any original content for this post, but I want to be able to find the video again easily, and link to it, and entice people to watch it, and think carefully about the future we can have.”

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