Doctors Without Borders junk mail

Some years ago, I donated a couple hundred bucks to Doctors Without Borders so they could help Earthquake victims, and I wish I hadn’t. Even though I checked the box that said “This is a one-time gift” they have sent me increasingly annoying envelopes full of junk mail to get more donations.

Thick envelopes show up with manipulative letters, maps, calendars, mailing labels, I think a nickel once (imagine what that would do to your paper shredder – luckily I caught it)

I’ve “Unsubscribed” and even written to them to tell them to stop, but still the junk mail arrives. This came last week:

A flashlight and a story about doing emergency surgery when the power went out and something something… Hence the flashlight I guess. And the fake handwritten Post-It Note

Notice how the light stayed on for me to take this picture? It has a steady-contact switch so the battery will die the first time it gets accidentally switched on. Most schwag-lights have a battery-saving momentary-contact switch.

And instead of a single button battery, it uses three hard-to-replace batteries in a weird size. It’s E-waste from the start.

It’s not even a good schwag light

STOP IT, Doctors Without Borders.

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