Mirai – review

It’s about a four-year-old boy who finds himself struggling to adapt to his new baby sister. Original and beautiful and heartwarming (with a couple scary scenes) it’s a visually stunning piece of intricate storytelling.

Mamoru Hosada is the same director who gave us Wolf Children, so if you’re expecting a treat you won’t be disappointed. He clearly loves families and if you are a parent or were ever a child, or know any parents or children, you’re in the right place.

For another kind of treat, I’ll turn the review over to Isla McTear:

Here’s the official trailer:

  • I love the house in the movie. Not just because it has a magical yard, but for the clever design and use of space. Of course, not everyone’s a fan. The film opens with Grandmother taking care of Kun, and muttering to herself; “I’ll never get used to these modern homes. That’s what I get for letting her marry an architect.”

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